How do we make the adhesive bumper pads?

How do we make the adhesive bumper pads?
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 In order to ensure the viscosity of the adhesive bumper pads, we will use 3M silicone treatment agent (back glue treatment agent), which is an indispensable part. The function of 3M silica gel treatment agent is to improve the adhesion of silica gel surface and make it better stick with double-sided adhesive. 3M silica gel treatment agent (back glue treatment agent) is […]

What is optical grade high permeability liquid silicone ?

Liquid silicone has excellent physical and mechanical properties, high temperature stability, low temperature flexibility, good UV resistance, high fluidity and low viscosity, which is conducive to the design of complex microstructure. Its excellent reactivity, biocompatibility and ultra clear transparency make it occupy a place in some special fields. It can be widely used in silica gel parts or light guide silica gel parts of consumer electronic products requiring transparency and high light transmittance. For example, optical lenses and high permeability silica gel Bluetooth earplugs are also widely used in transparent structural decorative parts of consumer electronics products. This kind of transparent and high light transmittance liquid silica gel raw materials are very suitable for mass and automatic production of silica gel structural parts because they are easy to form and demould and have a short molding cycle
QIGUANG RUBBER  series has a light transmittance of more than 95%. Combined with excellent physical properties and good machining properties, the application potential of this material can be explored. This material can achieve optical transparency in the mold without subsequent processing and polishing.
It can be applied to LED packaging, eye care earphone cover and other SILICONE products or some medical silicone parts with high requirements for transparency

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How to check the difference of rubber material?

Today,i want to tell you how to check the rubber matetial?
The easiest way to do this is to bake at 180 degrees. What is sticky in 10 min is NR, EPDM. is not sticky NR is not resistant to aging, and EPDM biggest advantage is aging resistance.
The smell of vulcanized natural rubber and EPDM is different
The smell of vulcanized natural rubber and EPDM is different from that of natural rubber
Combustion Flame Characteristic Residue and Odor Natural Rubber Pale yellow, […]

What is hardness of silicone rubber products

In general,we use shore to sate the hardness of rubber or silicone products,such as shore A,shore C and Shore A,different material has different shore unit.
Now,i want to introduce  as follows;
Shore—— refer to Shaw hardness or
Shaw hardness – Shore scleroscope hardness
HS. for short A standard representing the hardness of a material. By the British Shore (Albert F.Shore) first proposed.
The elastic rebound method is used to drop the pin from a certain height to the surface of the material under test. […]

What is silicone rubber material?

Silicone rubber (Silicome Rubber) is a new type of heat-resistant polymer elastic material. Silicone rubber is characterized by high temperature resistance, excellent cold resistance, the temperature range is-50 degrees+260degrees. Excellent aging resistance (ozone resistance, oxidation resistance, radiation resistance, light resistance, climate resistance). In free state, there is no significant change in performance after outdoor exposure for several years.
And has excellent electrical insulation performance, and tasteless, non-toxic in line with the national hygienic standards.

Silicone rubber has much better heat resistance , […]

Common Defects and Solutions of Rubber Molded Products

The reason what is happened
How to solve

Bubble (also called “trapped air ”
The molding material solidifies the incomplete air not to discharge the mold temperature to be too high, causes the material certain ingredient to vaporize or decompose
Increasing the temperature of the mold or prolonging the holding time, increasing the number of exhausts and reducing the temperature of the mold

Missing material
Die fit clearance is too large or overflow hole too large release agent dosage too slow or too fast
Adjust die […]

Why is the price difference of customized molded rubber parts so big?

Why is the price difference of customized molded rubber parts so big?
First one is because of the material, Qiguang rubber use better quality silicone rubber material . It has good elasticity and tear resistance.
It is not easy to notch and drop slag, and the service time is longer.

silicone stopper

After working in this industry for a long time, we find that the quality of silicone rubber material has a big difference.
Some material of the products feel smooth and dense, and […]

UL Certificate of rubber cable grommet, rubber feet, rubber gasket

UL Certificate of rubber cable grommet, rubber feet, rubber gasket
Please check our UL cerfiticate, It is an authoritative certificate provided by raw material suppliers. It includes  plastic rubber , silicone. 
Our company is a leading Chinese manufacturer in the field of silicone and rubber products.We have own mold house which can make the mold by ourself. The range of our product line, good quality and competitive prices have made us one of the fastest growing companies of its kind in China. Our […]

What is the concept of FV-0 raw UL certified material ?

What is the concept of FV-0 raw UL certified material ?
The flame retardant grade increased gradually from Hb, V-2, V-1 to V-0: Du
1. HB: the lowest flame retardant grade in UL94 standard. It is required that the combustion rate of the sample with the thickness of 3 to 13 mm within Dao should be less than 40 mm / min; for the sample with thickness less than 3 mm, the burning speed should be less than 70 mm / […]