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Vibration damper
1.     Features and uses:
l  Sensitive circuits and components to improve reliability, extend service life.
l  Insulation, moisture, shock, shock.
l  Environmental non-toxic products. Weather resistance, chemical corrosion.
l  Outdoor use of UV-free, ozone, water and the adverse effects of chemicals.
l  Has outstanding resistance to high and low temperature performance, -70 ℃ - +160 ℃ temperature range to maintain good use
l  Use pressure pressure <3.0MPa
l  Application: widely used in electronic Communication, DVD/VCD/MP3 / Bluetooth mobile phone accessories, machinery parts, all kinds of household appliances, industrial instruments, computers and peripheral equipment, car parts, audio-visual equipment, toys, gifts, medical equipment ,, sports equipment and other products such as insulation and earthquake slip function. Our company can according to customer specific requirements (sample or design) specifications of products made of various shapes. applicable scope: electronic factory, toy factory, lamp and electrical plants, arts and crafts factory, furniture factory.
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