New rubber products website

New rubber products website

To make our website look better on smartphones or tablets, we recently launched a new website. This website looks great on any size screen. Adaptive menu and drop-down list also make navigation easy on any device.

We are very excited about the latest launch of the new website. A lot of content has been reprinted、

At Qiguang Rubber, we are proud to be able to take our expertise in molding rubber parts, in many different industries and applications. Our website helps convey to potential new customers. 

Despite the great changes that have taken place in the website, QIGUANG custom rubber companies are still the same organization.

We still follow our mission: responsiveness from design to delivery. Everyone in the QIGUANG custom rubber company works every day to fulfill this mission.

We continue to invest in our organization – including personnel and equipment – to ensure that we have the ability and expertise to serve our customers.

We maintain good relations with our raw material suppliers and technical consultants to ensure that we have the ability to solve problems for our existing and potential customers.

We continue to make a quick offer, generally better than what we said was the target of less than 24 HOURS from receipt of the inquiry.

We continue to look for customers who are looking for long-term partnerships based on our love of doing business with people.

We still try to be considered by all customers as the “best supplier” – the best value, the best delivery, the best quality, the best response to problems (quality, emergency orders, etc.).

Shenzhen Qiguang Technology Co.,Limited is a leading Chinese manufacturer in the field of silicone and rubber products.We have own mold house which can make the mold by ourself. The range of our product line, good quality and competitive prices have made us one of the fastest growing companies of its kind in China. Our silicone rubber products comply with ROHS,SGS & FDA standards; and many of our products have been exported worldwide, such as USA. Canada, and Europe countries, The best price and quality is our aim for market;

Our main products is as follows;
(1)Silicone rubber products,such as gasket,washer,shock damper,shock absorber,vibration damper,rubber bumper,rubber damper,silicone rubber bushing,silicone rubber stopper,silicone rubber plug,silicone rubber feet,silicone rubber base,silicone rubber keypad,silicone rubber wristband,silicone rubber bush ,O ring ,Hand grip or handle ,vibration damper,Anti -slip pad,rubber sleeve,rubber bellows,rubber grommet,rubber bushing,rubber tube,waterproof gasket,rubber bunge,rubber bowl,rubber cover etc Vulcanized silicone rubber products

(2)Adhesive bumpers,such as bumpons,anti-slip pad,rubber foot with adhesive tape,rubber feet, bumpers, self adhesive rubber feet, vinyl bumpers and silicone feet etc;

All of our products are made with newly material,so please don’t worried about the quality; Welcome to negotiate and guide with us,so as to mutual benefit and make progress together in future.If you need,Please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

Production Equipment:we have 15 sets of Vulcanizing machines,2 sets of cut machines and 2 sets of mixing machines,Meanwhile,the work-time of machine is 24 hours,so please rest assured about the lead time.

Mold House:we have own mold house,which mold time and mold cost is good in market,and we have design terms,so we can make sure everything is prefect when the mold is ready.Meanwhile,the mold will be free to keep over for ever.

Test Equipment:The quality will be control by our QC department,When the finished product is made, our workshop staff will do two tests, and then the business staff will do a depth test to ensure that each product is as perfect as possible.

Contact Qiguang Tech

Qiguang Tech is a professional Rubber and Silicone parts development and manufacturing in Shenzhen, China

Focus on the development and manufacture of rubber silicone products more than 10 years.

Our advantage is Customize all kinds of rubber and silicone products

Address:  Qianyesong Technology Park, No. 4, Jincheng Road, Fucheng’ao, Pinghu Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China (Mainland)   

Mobile : 86-13669519751

Phone: 0086-755-84552919



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