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  • 10X5mm Black Self Adhesive Anti Slip Silicone rubber bumpon rubber feet

    10X5mm Black Self Adhesive Anti Slip Silicone rubber bumpon rubber feet

    size: 10*5mm

    Color: translucent , black.

    Installation method:
    A. fold the whole piece lightly, tear off the pieces of the anti-collision glue, paste them in the right place and press them hard.

    B. is not used, remove it slightly, and remove the remaining residue with a hot cloth.

  • 3M Adhesive Bumpon Feet

    Dia: 8x4mm , we have many different sizes in stock, please send me an inquiry to ask more. I will advise the suitable size for you. 

    Shape: half ball/hemispherical, flat, square

    Specification:more than 100 different size and shapes for option

    Material: silicone/EPDM/glass cement

    Product Color:white,black,transparent, translucent,other colors can be customized

  • 3M Bumpon Keyboard Rubber Feet factory in China

    Name: 3M Bumpon Keyboard Rubber Feet

    Demands: welcome to ask me if you don’t find the suitable bumpon.

    Material: Rubber, silicone, EDPM

    Fire rating: 94V-2

    Color: Black, Clear, silicone

    Purpose: self adhesive bumpon can quickly fix the keyboard pad to the case without falling off.

    Environmental-friendly rubber  sticky pad, non-toxic, odorless, comfortable, high elasticity, anti-aging, flame retardant, anti-corrosion, high wear resistance

    Imported 3M back glue type, super adhesive, can quickly fix the sticky pad in the mobile phone shell, good adhesion, not falling off, used in electronic equipment, cabinets, household appliances, furniture, a wide range of uses

  • black clear Self-Adhesive Rubber Feet adhesive bumpers

    black clear Self-Adhesive Rubber Feet adhesive bumpers

    The below two size information: 

    black size: 18mmx10mm

    clear size: 6mmx2mm 

    Factory price , support customization , free samples, many kinds of specifications, reliable quality.

  • Protective Products Clear bumpon

    Self-adhesive bumpon

    Can be used in a variety of places: kitchen and bathroom drawers & cabinet doors; under cutting boards; stained glass projects; behind pictures & mirrors to hold in place on walls; other crafts & home projects.

    Dia: 8mm*3mm ( different sizes are vailable )

    Shape: half ball/hemispherical, flat, square

    Specification:30 models for option

    Material: silicone/EPDM/glass cemen

    Product Color:white,black,transparentors to prevent damage in shipping, and keep parts from direct contact with each other.