The kinds of 3M adhesive of our bumpon

How to judge the quality of 3M double-sided adhesive?

The quality of 3M double-sided adhesive has a great influence on the use of bumpons.  All the silicone bumpons produced by our company are made of imported 3M double-sided adhesive. The main models are: 3M9448A, 3M200MP, 3M467, 3M9677, T4000.


3M double-sided adhesive is generally composed of three parts: base material, adhesive and release paper. Common double-sided adhesive is mainly oil and water adhesive, 3M double-sided adhesive is mostly acrylic acid, so 3M double-sided adhesive and ordinary double-sided adhesive, whether viscous, heat resistance, adhesive capacity will be far more than ordinary double-sided adhesive, but the price will be far more than ordinary double-sided adhesive.

In the course of using, how to judge the quality of 3M double-sided adhesive?

Check whether 3M double sided adhesive has burrs. The smooth and non-destructive edge of the double-sided tape is the basis to ensure the quality of the double-sided tape. Therefore, before processing, we must carefully check whether the cutting edge of the double-sided tape is woolly or not, whether it is damaged due to improper storage and transportation, and we should take the double-sided tape under 4-5 turns, carefully check the cutting edge.

Check whether the 3M end face of the reel is straight or not. If the cutting end surface of the double-sided tape is not uniform, it will not only affect the alignment of the processing, but also cause the difficulty of discharging waste due to the change of the die cutting position; if the tension is not uniform, it will cause the change of the paper force in printing, and the uneven tension will also cause the quality of printing.


Check whether there is any crack on the 3M double-sided adhesive tape. When double-sided tape is cut, if the cutting tool is not adjusted properly or the blade is not sharp enough, there will be cracks on the surface paper or the base paper of the double-sided tape, and the fiber pulled out from the cracks will be adhered to the adhesive. The occurrence of cracks may be continuous, or may be random, may appear on one side of the double-sided adhesive tape, or both sides, so, double-sided adhesive tape machine processing, must carefully check whether there are small cracks on the base paper and paper.

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