What is molded rubber product?

 What is molded rubber product?

Molded Rubber products are also called rubber mouldings. The model is what we usually mould.

Molded Rubber products, usually refer to the rubber products formed in the mold cavity and vulcanized

Almost all rubber products must be moulds through corresponding molds. However, it does not mean that all rubber products can be called rubber model products. Generally speaking, molded rubber products are in addition to tires, hose, latex, footwear and other rubber products to be vulcanized in the mold.

The molded rubber parts included rubber gasket, rubber stopper, rubber feet, rubber grip, rubber o ring and so on,



Rubber model products are the most widely used and the most widely used products in rubber products. Its characteristics are easy to manufacture, accurate shape, high dimensional accuracy, bright and tidy surface, compact texture, simple technology, easy mechanization and automation of production, high production efficiency, low cost.


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