What is rubber vulcanizing mold ?

The mold is a model rubber vulcanization tool has a certain plasticity of rubber, after prefabricating a certain shape or weighing a certain quality, filled or directly injected into the mold cavity, after pressure heating vulcanization, can be obtained the desired shape and size of the customized rubber product.


Whether the structure of the mold is reasonable or not directly affects the operation, production efficiency and the technical specifications of the parts in the molded production, and also directly affects the service life of the mold itself.


QiGUANG RUBBER has their own mold department, in the mold area has more than 10 years experience. Good mold is the foundation of customized silicone rubber products.

When some customers have high requirements for the appearance of the silicone rubber product, we will plating and polishing the mold, such as our silicone cake mold, custom medical silicone items, silicone suction cup and so on.


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