Why is the price difference of customized molded rubber parts so big?

Why is the price difference of customized molded rubber parts so big?

First one is because of the material, Qiguang rubber use better quality silicone rubber material . It has good elasticity and tear resistance.
It is not easy to notch and drop slag, and the service time is longer.

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After working in this industry for a long time, we find that the quality of silicone rubber material has a big difference.
Some material of the products feel smooth and dense, and some are rugged as soon as they are been produced. Moreover, the materials are fragile and easy to fall off dust.
In order to avoid complaints, we choose better materials for our customers.

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The second price reason is the mold, the steel is also divided into many grades, if the mold material is not used well, the product is not good-looking.
The steel we use can ensure that the product can be made a million times.
Especial some silicone products are need to made silicone natural color, the mold must be electroplated and polished, otherwise the product surface is very dirty, impurities.

Electropolishing rubber parts mold

Then how to lower the price based on original quality, the best solution is that add cavities to the mold.Then the mold cost will increase a bit.
If customer need small quantities, we create less cavities mold, if customer needs big quantities, we can create more cavities to reduce the unit price.
Qiguang rubber has their own mold department, in the mold aspect has the better price superiority and the specialized degree, with the product cooperation degree also will be better.

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