silicone bushing

silicone bushing or silicone bellows or silicone sleeve

rubber bushing or rubber sleeve is a class of rubber sealed products. Also known as dust cover, dust cover. Is the automobile and tractor front and rear wheel axle, transmission shaft and other parts for dust, oil spillover, construction machinery, substation and other industrial systems for absorption vibration, dynamic suspension equipment, main equipment, the price is to protect the sliding surface and dust, sand cover rubber accessories. According to the structure can be divided into compressible type and fixed […]

Common Defects and Solutions of Rubber Molded Products

The reason what is happened
How to solve

Bubble (also called “trapped air ”
The molding material solidifies the incomplete air not to discharge the mold temperature to be too high, causes the material certain ingredient to vaporize or decompose
Increasing the temperature of the mold or prolonging the holding time, increasing the number of exhausts and reducing the temperature of the mold

Missing material
Die fit clearance is too large or overflow hole too large release agent dosage too slow or too fast
Adjust die […]

Name of silicone rubber products

rubber stopper
Rubber cover
Rubber cap
Rubber sheath
Rubber sheath coil
rubber insert
Rubber shock absorber pad
rubber buffer
Rubber regulator
rubber sleeve
rubber band
Silicone rubber seal
Silicon rubber waterproof ring
Rubber back glue foot pad
Rubber foot pad
rubber tube
Rubber dust cover
Rubber suction cup
Rubber suction ball
rubber pneumatic bag
Rubber groove
elastomer connector
Rubber O-ring
Silicone rubber grip, silicone rubber handle sleeve
Silicone rubber insulation pad
Silicone plug
Silicone cover
Silicone cap
Silicone sheath
Silicone protection coil
silicone pad
Silicone shock absorber pad
Silicone buffer pad
Silicone regulator
Silicone sleeve
silicone loop
Silicone rubber seal
Silicon rubber waterproof ring
Silicone back glue foot pad
Silicone foot pad
silicone tube
Silicone dust cover
Silicone suction cup
Silicone suction […]

why the rubber shock absorber is so widely used ?

The reason why the rubber shock absorber is so widely used is because it effectively uses the following characteristics of rubber:
1) Rubber has high elasticity and viscoelasticity;
2) Compared with the steel material, the elastic deformation of the rubber is very large, and the elastic modulus is very small;
3) The impact stiffness of rubber is greater than the dynamic stiffness, and the dynamic stiffness is greater than the static stiffness, which is […]

Detailed introduction of rubber shock absorber

Detailed introduction of rubber shock absorber

As a kind of important shock-absorbing components, rubber shock absorbers have been widely used in all kinds of machinery, automobiles, railway locomotives, water transport vehicles, aircraft and other devices. It can be said that rubber shock absorbers are required wherever shock absorption and isolation are required. The reason why rubber shock absorber is so widely used is that it effectively utilizes the following characteristics of rubber:
1. The shape of rubber can be freely selected, and the […]

Detailed introduction of rubber feet

Detailed introduction of rubber feet

According to the material, the main products of rubber feet are silicone rubber feet, nitrile rubber feet, acrylic rubber feet, fluororubber feet, neoprene rubber feet, natural rubber feet, hydrogenated rubber feet, polyurethane rubber feet, etc; According to the characteristics, the main products are high temperature resistant rubber feet, low temperature resistant rubber feet, oil resistant rubber feet, wear-resistant rubber feet, acid and alkali resistant rubber feet, aging resistant rubber feet, ultraviolet resistant rubber feet, etc


1、 Five […]

Silicone rubber ‘s production style

Silicone rubber products can be divided into three categories according to the different molding process.

Molded silicone rubberproducts are usually molded by high temperature mold after adding solid silicone rubber raw materials with curing agent, and high temperature sulfur is formed by curing machine. The hardness of molded silicone rubber is usually 10 shore A to 80 shore A. The color of raw materials and color paste is adjusted according to Pantong color card number or color sample. The shape of mould determines […]

How do we make the adhesive bumper pads?

How do we make the adhesive bumper pads?
adhesive bumper pads,bumpons, adhesive silicone dots, adhesive bumpers, plastic bumpon, 3M rubber bumpers
 In order to ensure the viscosity of the adhesive bumper pads, we will use 3M silicone treatment agent (back glue treatment agent), which is an indispensable part. The function of 3M silica gel treatment agent is to improve the adhesion of silica gel surface and make it better stick with double-sided adhesive. 3M silica gel treatment agent (back glue treatment agent) is […]

What is optical grade high permeability liquid silicone ?

Liquid silicone has excellent physical and mechanical properties, high temperature stability, low temperature flexibility, good UV resistance, high fluidity and low viscosity, which is conducive to the design of complex microstructure. Its excellent reactivity, biocompatibility and ultra clear transparency make it occupy a place in some special fields. It can be widely used in silica gel parts or light guide silica gel parts of consumer electronic products requiring transparency and high light transmittance. For example, optical lenses and high permeability silica gel Bluetooth earplugs are also widely used in transparent structural decorative parts of consumer electronics products. This kind of transparent and high light transmittance liquid silica gel raw materials are very suitable for mass and automatic production of silica gel structural parts because they are easy to form and demould and have a short molding cycle
QIGUANG RUBBER  series has a light transmittance of more than 95%. Combined with excellent physical properties and good machining properties, the application potential of this material can be explored. This material can achieve optical transparency in the mold without subsequent processing and polishing.
It can be applied to LED packaging, eye care earphone cover and other SILICONE products or some medical silicone parts with high requirements for transparency

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