Other customized silicone rubber parts

  • custom molded rubber strap

    Warmly welcome to customize our silicone rubber products, Qiguang rubber has its own mold department and five designers who have worked for more than 6 years. They can understand the customer’s intention perfectly.We have low mold cost , short mold delivery date and competitive unit price. 

  • rubber bushing

    Rubber bushing or rubber sleeve or rubber bellows


    rubber bushing or rubber sleeve is a class of rubber sealed products. Also known as dust cover, dust cover. Is the automobile and tractor front and rear wheel axle, transmission shaft and other parts for dust, oil spillover, construction machinery, substation and other industrial systems for absorption vibration, dynamic suspension equipment, main equipment, the price is to protect the sliding surface and dust, sand cover rubber accessories. According to the structure can be divided into compressible type and fixed type. The former cover is corrugated, compressible, extension, and can be divided into straight cylinder shape, pagoda shape and irregular shape; the latter is used for the sealed body without stroke changes, so the cover works relatively quiet



    Continuous service temperature range: -60℃ ~200℃;

    Soft, arc resistance, corona resistance;

    Various specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

    Harmless, non-toxic and tasteless

    High pressure resistance, environmental protection

    Application: precision representative, oil pipeline, household appliances sealing, drinking water pipeline sealing, medicine, etc.

    Silicone tube is a kind of special comprehensive performance of wide good rubber, with excellent electrical insulation performance, aging resistance, chemical stability, oxidation resistance, radiation resistance, physiological inertia, good air permeability, high and low temperature resistance, can be used for a long time in-60℃ ~250℃. Can be widely used in aviation, electronics, petroleum, chemical, machinery, electrical, medical, oven, food and other industrial sectors of good electrical insulation sealing, liquid transport materials. High and low temperature resistance, oil resistance, non-toxic and tasteless performance.

    The working temperature of silicone rubber can range from-100℃ to 350℃. Has excellent thermal and oxygen aging, ozone aging, light aging and weather aging resistance; has good electrical insulation. Silicone rubber is non-toxic and odorless, and is widely used in medicine.

    Property: -40ºC to  +150ºC, Aging resist, UV and O-zone resist, low and high temperature resist, corrosion resist, high loading, depending on materials

    Product name and photos:
    Different silicone rubber bushing or silicone rubber sleeve
    QIGUANG TECH  is a leading Chinese manufacturer in the field of silicone and rubber products more than 15 years in Guangdong China. We have own mold house which can make the mold by ourself, we can supply the mold with competitive price even free with fast delivery date. Our molded rubber silicone products focus on good quality and competitive prices have made us one of the fastest growing companies in China. Our silicone rubber products comply with ISO, ROHS,SGS FDA standard; and many of our products have been exported worldwide, such as USA. Canada, European,Japanese Korean and so on. The best price, excellent quality and careful service are our aim for all customers.

    Our main products are as follows;
    (1)Silicone rubber products:
    gasket,washer,shock damper,shock absorber,vibration damper,rubber bumper,rubber damper,silicone rubber bushing,silicone rubber stopper,silicone rubber plug,silicone rubber feet,silicone rubber base,silicone  rubber keypad,silicone rubber wristband,silicone rubber bush ,O ring ,Hand grip or handle ,vibration damper,Anti -slip pad,rubber sleeve,rubber bellows,rubber grommet,rubber bushing,rubber tube,waterproof gasket,rubber bunge,rubber bowl,rubber cover etc Vulcanized silicone rubber products

    (2)Adhesive bumpers,such as bumpons,anti-slip pad,rubber foot with adhesive tape,rubber feet, bumpers, self adhesive rubber feet, vinyl bumpers and silicone feet etc;

    (3)Custom rubber product
    Rubber feet,Rubber cover & Rubber bellow
    Rubber buffer & Rubber damper & Rubber shock absorber
    Rubber cap,Rubber bushing,Rubber tube,Rubber grommet
    Rubber stopper & Rubber plug

    Custom silicone product
    Silicone feet,Silicone stopper,Silicone hose,Silicone keypad,Medical silicone products,
    Silicone damper,Silicone cap,Silicone grommet,Silicone base,Silicone cover

    Waterproof gasket
    O ring,Seals,Gasket

    Adhesive bumpon

    Handle grip

    Other customized silicone rubber parts

    All of our products are made with full new silicone and rubber material,so please don’t worried about the quality; Welcome to negotiate and guide with us,so as to mutual benefit and make progress together in future.If you need,Please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

    Production Equipment:we have 15 sets of Vulcanizing machines,2 sets of cut machines and 2 sets of mixing machines,Meanwhile,the work-time of machine is 24 hours to work in two shifts, so please don’t worry about the lead time
    Mold House:we have own mold department,the mold delivery time is short and mold cost is very competitive,if the product quantities are big, we can even supply the mold for free. We have more than 10 professional designers with 5 years experience in the area, if you have drawing or draft or idea, we can make the 3D drawing for your confirmation before create the mold. so we can make sure everything is prefect when the mold is ready.Meanwhile,the mold will be free to keep over for ever, and the mold can be used more than 100 0000 times.

    Quality Control :The silicone rubber products quality is been controled by our QC department,Our QC department have 20 worker, from the material to the finished silicone rubber products, they will check every procedure. When the finished silicone rubber product are been made, our QC staff will do two tests, and then our business staff will do a depth test to ensure that each product is as perfect as possible.


    Q 1. What’s your MOQ ?
    A: If we have stock, we can accept several pieces MOQ.

    Q 2. What’s the payment terms?
    A: For big amount we accept T/T 30% deposit and 70% balance against copy of B/L.
    For small amount we accept West Union,VISA,Paypal is also accepted.

    Q 3. What is the lead time for product orders?
    A: If have stock, we can ship them out within 1-2days. 
    If need create the mold, we need 7 days to create the mold, 2 more days to finish the samples, 5 more days to finish the mass production.

    Q 4. Are the samples free ?
    A: Yes, all the samples are free. Even the new samples, once you fix the mold with our factory, we can offer the samples for free with freight collected. If you transfer USD30-USD40 freight cost to us by Paypal, we can send the samples to you with freight prepa

    Q5: How to check the quality of the order?
    A1: We provide preproduction samples before mass production for all customers if needed.
    We have two times test for all goods, one is the workshop staff to check the goods, the other is business staff to recheck the goods.
    A2: We provide quality certs such as measurement report, material data sheet, COO, COA, etc. to all customers before delivery.
    A3: We accept third party inspection such as SGS, TUV, INTERTEK, BV, etc.

    QIGUANG TECH is certified with ISO-9001:2000 to overall controlover the quality of products and service.
    All our rubber silicone products are certified through SGS environmental protection.

    Therubberpartspossess fair surface polish and transparency, have SGScertificate for environment protection and pass the SGS test.
    Besides, our quality management system was certified in conformity with ISO9001: 2000.All of our products reach ROHSstandard, certified by SGS corporation.

    When the finished product is made, our workshop staff will do two tests, and then the business staff will do a depth test to ensure that each product is as perfect as possible.

    After all our products are routinely tested in the workshop, our business personnel will go to the workshop to check at random, and get the office to do the second test. For the samples we also operate like this, the workshop staff one inspection, business staff second fine inspection to ensure that the goods and samples reached the customer is the best.

    Our product can meet FDA Standard:

    1, Greens environmental protection
    2, Anti-corrosion
    3, Inflaming retarding
    4, Insulativity
    5,Resistance to high and low temperature
    7,Environmental protection of materials
    8,Strong and durable
    9,Good elasticity.

    Our Advantage

    1. Focus on the development and manufacture of rubber silicone products more than 10 years. 
      2,   A great number standard parts in stock 
      3,   Customized products service 
      4,     We have our own mold department, we have good price, quick quotation and lead time on the mold.

    5,     We have FDA, SGS, ISO9001,RoHs certificate. 
    6,    24 hours online service, Fluent English for communication.