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UL Certificate of rubber cable grommet, rubber feet, rubber gasket

UL Certificate of rubber cable grommet, rubber feet, rubber gasket
Please check our UL cerfiticate, It is an authoritative certificate provided by raw material suppliers. It includes  plastic rubber , silicone. 
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Application of Silicone Rubber Products in Automotive Industry

Application of Silicone Rubber Products in Automotive Industry
What are the applications of silicone rubber products in automobiles?
Silicone rubber products are used in automotive electronic devices: adhesives and sealants, potting adhesives, gels, insulation coatings, thermal conductive adhesives and other materials. These materials are used to protect engine control module, ignition wire and ignition module, power system module, brake system module, exhaust emission control module, power supply system, lighting system, sensors, connectors, etc.

What kinds of molded rubber products do you have?

What kinds of molded rubber products do you have?
Molded Rubber products can be divided into the following categories according to their use conditions and uses.

Sealed products   There are many kinds of rubber sealing products, such as oil seal (lip seal of rotating shaft), O-ring, reciprocating motion seal ring of various sections [lip seal ring (V-ring, L-ring, Y-ring, U-ring, J-ring), rectangular seal ring, angle seal ring, special shape seal ring], etc. Sealing gasket, sealing strip, diaphragm, valve cushion, etc.
Shock absorber products   Shock […]

rubber silicone gasket of die cut and mold press technology comparsion

Traditional die-cutting is a cutting technology of silicone rubber gasket in the late processing. Die-cutting technology can make silicone rubber gasket into die-cutting plate according to pre-designed graphics for cutting, so that the shape of silicone rubber products is no longer limited to right angles. The traditional die-cutting knife is combined into die-cutting plate according to the design requirement of product. Under the action of pressure, the silicone rubber dense sheet is cut into the desired shape or cutting […]