rubber silicone gasket of die cut and mold press technology comparsion

Traditional die-cutting is a cutting technology of silicone rubber gasket in the late processing. Die-cutting technology can make silicone rubber gasket into die-cutting plate according to pre-designed graphics for cutting, so that the shape of silicone rubber products is no longer limited to right angles. The traditional die-cutting knife is combined into die-cutting plate according to the design requirement of product. Under the action of pressure, the silicone rubber dense sheet is cut into the desired shape or cutting mark. Die pressing technology is the use of line knife or line pressing die, through the action of pressure on the sheet metal to produce line marks, or the use of rolling wheels on the sheet metal to roll out line marks, so that the sheet metal can be bent in a predetermined position. Usually die-cutting and indentation technology is the combination of die-cutting cutter and line-pressing cutter in the same template, in the die-cutting machine at the same time die-cutting and indentation processing technology, referred to as die-pressing.

Die pressing is a kind of production technology which can make the sheet metal directly deformed by the force of the conventional or special punching equipment, and obtain the product parts with certain shape, size and performance. Sheet metal, mold and equipment are the three elements of stamping process. According to the stamping temperature, it can be divided into hot stamping and cold stamping. The former is suitable for silicone rubber processing with high deformation resistance and poor plasticity, while the latter is carried out at room temperature, which is commonly used for sheet metal stamping. It is one of the main methods of metal plastic processing (or pressure processing), also belongs to the material forming engineering technology.

The die used for stamping is called stamping die, or die. Punching die is a special tool for batch processing silicone rubber material into required blanking parts. The punching die is very important in stamping. Without the punching die that meets the requirements, the batch stamping production will be difficult; without the advanced punching die, the advanced stamping process will not be realized. Stamping process and die, stamping equipment and stamping materials constitute the three elements of stamping processing, and only when they are combined can stamping parts be obtained.

Rubber silicone gasket Die cut process has the following limitations:

In cases where the gasket is a uniform thickness with no contours, a die cut gasket may work. Keep in mind that sometimes, if the part is too thick or the size of contours is too small when compared to the thickness, a die cut gasket may not be possible.
Another limitation of die cut gaskets is thickness tolerance – we have seen instances where a molded gasket with tighter thickness tolerances was necessary given the stack-up height and components in the mating parts.
Finally, die cut gaskets that are more than 0.125″ thick will likely have a dished shape along the edges and the thicker the material, the more pronounced the dish shape will be. “As shown in the drawing below, the ‘dish’ effect is a concavity of die-cut edges (due to the squeezing of the material by the pressure of the cutting die). The width ‘W’ (or length) at the top and bottom surface are slightly greater than the width ‘W-X’ at the center.”

Die cut gasket photo show:

Mold press photo show:


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